What Parrot is Good for a Beginner?

For those who read my post “Bird Interrupted” I thought I would reblog this great informative post. Do your research before adding any pet to your family. Thanks!

Three Birds and a Cloud

I want to start that by saying that there should be no such thing as a ‘first bird’ or so-called beginner parrot, and this post was sparked by reading Patricia Sund’s essay ‘I don’t believe in “starter birds,” ‘ many moons ago. Her writing brings up several wonderful points, first and foremost that every single species is similarly messy, loud, and challenging, but owning one species of bird will only ever teach you one thing… how to work with that particular species. Parrots are demanding pets no matter their size.

Photos 030 Parrots require an incredible amount of dedication, whether they’re a macaw or parrotlet

Parrots as pets are often compared to children, babies that never grow up, which you bring into your home for life. And I think it’s unfair to compare them to one another in terms of size alone. Even a very small parrot needs a lot of time, and will cost you quite a…

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