Wellington, Florida

Bio: Author, Owner, Humane Educator at The Little Blue Dog. Empowering and inspiring the younger generations to become animal advocates through my series of award winning children's books and advocacy topics designed for ages 3 - 18. My stories are inspired by my experiences as a pet owner, animal rights advocate, and animal rescue volunteer. I share my peaceful home in Wellington, Fl with six dogs and one senior cat.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. annafullbrook

    Thank you lots for passing by and reading my little blog and thank you lots more for following. Had a little gander at yours and oh my what a lovely human being you are :). I am now following you too and look forward to readying more about the wonderful work you do. Love peace & happiness

  2. Juliana Morgan

    A dear friend, Dianne Fitzler told me about you and your book, LIttle Blue Dog. Thank you for all that you do for shelter dogs. Soo very impressed with your books. GREAT JOB!


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